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5 Ways To Honor A Veteran

Serving in the military requires resolve, discipline and sacrifice. Servicemen and women sacrifice their freedoms so that we may have ours, and they sacrifice their family life to protect yours. The emotional fortitude needed to be a servicemember of the military is incomparable to any other profession. For these reasons, we ask that you honor a veteran at least once. If you’re unsure how, here are five ways to honor a veteran: 

1. Donate to or volunteer for the United Service Organization (USO)

The USO is a non-profit donation based veteran organization. They send care packages across the globe for deployed military members. They provide entertainment centers for servicemembers so they can enjoy a day off. The USO also sets up concerts and celebrity meet-and-greets. They create a safe place for military members so they don’t forget life outside of the tedious tasks and orders they are responsible for in their day to day. 

USO helps military members adapt to life before, during, and after they serve. Services like Operation Phone Home gives servicemembers free Internet and phone minutes. Their military spouse programs help couples through their long-distance relationship.

2. Order a Plaque to Honor of a Veteran At Mt. Soledad Veterans Memorial

Mt. Soledad National Veterans Memorial recognizes and honors all veterans and servicemembers. When you order a plaque, remember that the only rule is that the veteran must be honorably discharged. 

We always need volunteers. We accept donations to keep our program running. You may attend many of our Veteran Honor Ceremonies held throughout the year. Soledad offers many ways to honor a veteran.

3. Send a Care Package

Out of all the organizations that accept care package, Operation Gratitude is our organization of choice. The organization started in the founder’s living room.  However it has now expanded to warehouses with donated items ready to ship to military members and families in need. They give to servicemembers of varying walks of life. They give to wounded heroes and their caregivers, veterans, deployed troops, military families, and recruit graduates.  While they are not accepting custom care packages due to COVID-19, but they are accepting items off of their wishlist. Their goal is to make those who served or are serving to feel loved and needed. You can help them too by donating to their cause.

4. Grant a Wish Through A Million Thanks Charity

Shauna Fleming started the letter sending organization in 2004 at 15 years-old. The organization has sent over 9 million letters since its conception. In 2015, she then began the Grant-A-Wish program for injured veterans. Her letters program is put on hold due to COVID-19. Though you may still help the veterans through her organization by donating to wounded veterans to achieve their dreams. Some want an expanded driveway to increase their quality of life as they get in and out of their car. Others want a fishing boat or a tropical vacation to spend time with their families,  away from the trauma set before them. Whatever wish it may be, A Million Thanks supports their dreams and make it extremely easy for you to honor a veteran.

5. Say “Thank you”

Expressing gratitude is a simple and free way to honor a veteran. Despite its simplicity, saying “thank you” can have a huge impact on a veteran. While on duty, servicemembers are often ordered around and hardly see the positive impact they have on the civilian world. Acknowledgement from anybody can go a long way in making a veteran feel that what they did during their service made a difference. 

Thank you for checking out our five ways to honor a veteran.

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