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You Must Have The Honorable Discharge Paperwork (DD214)

*We cannont accept an order without the DD214

You will need to return to this page once you have the DD214 (Honorable Discharge Paperwork).

You can obtain military records including discharge paperwork (DD214) by visiting https://www.archives.gov/veterans

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This feature allows you to add an additional photograph as an inset in the lower left or right of the main photo. You can use this to honor a veteran at different moments during their service.

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Veterans Honor Ceremony

We conduct ceremonies on Saturdays starting at 9am, 10am, and 11am. The program will commence with attendees being asked to stand and recite the Pledge of Allegiance. The Master of Ceremonies will introduce him/her self and the other volunteers who are participating in the ceremony followed by a brief history of the Memorial. The M/C will then tell the story of the honoree with information provided by family or donor. Five individuals will be afforded the opportunity to speak, but comments are limited. Family members will be able to take pictures either prior to or at the completion of the ceremony. A flag will be provided for this purpose by the Association.

The Mt. Soledad veterans volunteer their personal time to prepare for and perform the ceremony both to honor your veteran and benefit the Memorial.

The donation fee is $250.00.

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