Raymond Richard Brocious

Raymond Richard Brocious
War Korean War
Branch U.S. Marine Corps
Rank Sergeant
Group Type
Group Name
Wall F
Direction East
Row 3
Plaque Number 71

Raymond Brocious, a cherished father, and grandfather, served his country with honor and distinction as a Field Radio Operator in the 1st Marine Division during a time of war. His role as a Field Radio Operator involved maintaining communication systems and relaying critical information within the division.

Raymond's service was recognized with several notable medals. The National Defense Service Medal was awarded to him for his dedicated service during a period of national defense. This medal acknowledges his commitment to safeguarding the country's security and interests.

Furthermore, Raymond earned the Korean Service Medal, which signifies his participation in the Korean War and his contribution to the defense of South Korea. The UN Service Medal recognizes his involvement in United Nations peacekeeping operations during the conflict.

Additionally, Raymond's dedication and exemplary conduct were acknowledged with the Good Conduct Medal, an award given to service members who consistently demonstrate outstanding behavior and professionalism throughout their service.

Raymond's commitment to his duties as a Field Radio Operator and his receipt of these prestigious medals exemplify his bravery, loyalty, and dedication to serving his country. His contributions to the Marine Corps and his service during a time of war reflect his unwavering commitment and patriotism.

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