Thomas F. Lettington

Thomas F. Lettington
War Vietnam
Branch U.S. Navy
Rank Commander
Group Type
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Wall G
Direction East
Row 4
Plaque Number 16

Thomas F. Lettington

Curriculum Vitae


Master of Science in Computer Systems Management, US Naval Postgraduate School. Bachelor of Science in Industrial Psychology/Industrial Engineering, Iowa State University. College of Naval Command and Staff, Naval War College. Industrial College of the Armed Forces, National Defense University.


Mr. Lettington had more than 45 years of progressive experience in a variety of technical and managerial positions. For most of his career years he has been directly employed in technical and managerial positions in the computer and networking field. He has a broad base of knowledge and experience with all aspects of computer and networking technology from a hardware and software perspective. His technical experience has focused on networked (LAN and WAN) information systems. He has recently served in senior executive positions with companies organized to provide high capacity global internetworking products and services to deliver Internet access, as well as voice, video, and data services on an International Multiservice ATM backbone.


September 1998 – Retirement (gradual)

Mr Lettington was been most recently been engaged (for pay) in a private consultancy, joining forces with a small group of international business development professionals who share his vision of the market value of Global Multiservice Networks and his intense interest in all aspects the rapidly evolving technology associated with the information systems industry.


July 1997 - September 1998

With the acquisition of ATMnet by Verio, the vision of a global network ATM based network was no longer possible. Verio was totally focused on the deployment of a high quality IP only backbone for Internet services within the United States. Mr Lettington joined Telegroup, Inc. as Director, Asia Pacific Operations in order to hold the vision inaugurated at ATMnet. Telegroup initiated an ATM Project to plan and deploy a global multi-service network in order to ensure the company's future viability through expansion beyond the voice telephony market into the market for integrated services on ATM.


September 1995 - July 1997

In September, 1995 VisiCom Network Services became ATMnet. Mr. Lettington became Vice President and Chief Operating Officer of that new company. ATMnet grew into a National level Internet Service Provider focusing on high bandwidth internetworking solutions for corporate users. Under his guidance the network operations of ATMnet grew from a local focus in San Diego to a fully functional California ATM (Asynchronous Transfer Mode) fiber-optic backbone connected at 155Mbps to multiple ATMnet dedicated nodes and interconnected to other National Service Providers at multiple meet points including a connections at the MAE-West facility at NASA, Ames. Plans were developed for a complete twenty-one city US National backbone and construction has been initiated. Mr. Lettington also served ATMnet as Vice President for Marketing while recruiting efforts were underway to hire a senior marketing executive. Starting in January, 1997, Mr. Lettington became Vice President, International Operations and turned his focus to launching an Asia-Pacific Regional high capacity backbone and forming strategic alliances and joint ventures to serve that rapidly developing market. At the same time, he started to formulate specific plans for an European market entry and began long term planning for other International operations. As a founder, and senior member of the executive staff, Mr. Lettington is deeply involved in all aspects of ATMnet’s business and technical operations.


January 1994 - September 1995

Prior to being appointed Director, VisiCom Network Services, a new business unit formed as an entry into the Commercial Internet Access Provider market, Mr. Lettington served as Program Manager for VisiBridgeTM products. VisiBridge is technology which enables transition from outdated military computer systems to transition from closed systems to open systems. VisiBridge provides a migration path whereby commercial-off-the-shelf hardware can replace existing military hardware with full binary code capture of legacy code. VisiBridge employs the latest RISC processors and other VME based single board computer products to provide replacement hardware at a fraction of the cost, size, and weight of the systems they replace.


July 1992 - January 1994 CSC, NSS

Department Manager, Network Support San Diego, California

Mr. Lettington provided management support for the Systems and Network Branch (Code 0294) at the Naval Command, Control and Ocean Surveillance Center (NCCOSC) Research, Development, Test and Evaluation Division (NRaD) as well as the NCCOSC Finance and Accounting System (NFAS) Project Office. During this period he prepared Project Management Plans for the NCCOSC Command Internet (NCINet) Project and the NCCOSC Finance and Accounting Consolidation Project. He is currently preparing, for The Networking and Communications Branch (Code 0293), a Five Year Plan for the NRaD General Communications Backbone (GCB). He used a DOS/Windows PC and NeXT based software tools in a LAN environment in the preparation of these documents. His department currently consists of engineers and technicians providing hardware operations and maintenance support for the GCB, and programmers and analysts providing software development and maintenance support for the NFAS (a Code 0295 project) as well as various network related applications.

Mr. Lettington provided system development support to the Strategic Systems Program by developing an ORACLE based Management Information System (MIS) operating on a NOVELL Local Area Network. The MIS employed SQL*Forms to provide a menu driven user interface to the ORACLE DBMS. He is currently in the process of generalizing this MIS for internal use at CSC. He also designed and specified a Banyan Vines LAN based customer support information system and an office automation system employing Higgins OA products an a NOVELL LAN.

December 1990 - July 1992 CSC, NSS

Department Manager, Business Applications San Diego, California

Mr. Lettington served as Department Manager for Business Application Systems in the ADP and Computer Sciences Program. His department supported (NRaD) Code 915 in maintaining operational systems which provide financial, personnel, security, payroll, management information, planning & budgeting, and supply services. These systems are written in COBOL and maintained under the provisions of DoD-STD-7935A. They operated in the UNISYS 1100 or VAX/VMS environments. In addition to maintaining existing systems, his department supported a new initiative, NRaD Data Administration Program (NDAP), which will modernize the software technology employed and consolidate all corporate data into a single database operating on a UNIX based system employing fourth generation language and a modern relational database management system (INGRES). He participated in functional and data modeling of existing systems using IDEF0 and IDEF 1A. He personally prepared a report of available PC based automated tools to support IDEF0. During this period, the massive conversion project to convert all UNIVAC 1100 system COBOL programs and data to VAX/VMS Version 5.4 was initiated.


July 1988 - December 1990 TeamLink Corporation

VP Technical Operations San Diego, California

President/Chief Executive Officer.

Mr. Lettington headed the services and product development business of this small firm which specialized in microcomputer technology for distributed processing in heterogeneous wide area environments as well as local area networks. In addition to the company's principle product, TeamLinkTM, they developed a product which provides integrated office automation support for law offices, ALEGISTM. TeamLink employs MS-DOS PCs as workstations linked to UNIX servers with INFORMIX database management systems or VAX/VMS servers with data managed by VMS/RMS. The product provides enabling technology for application development as well as standard office automation support such as word processing and E-Mail


December 1984 - July 1988 PURVIS Systems

General Manager, San Diego Division San Diego, California

General Manager, Network Systems Division

Mr. Lettington was responsible for technical supervision, financial management, and administration of over 50 professional employees performing work under two delivery order contracts with NOSC. Special emphasis was placed on expertise in the areas of communications engineering, data networks and computer security. He directly managed and participated in the development and prototyping for the Social Security Administration of a LAN which connected IBM mainframe and VAX UNIX computers to UNIX PCs with the UNIFY Database Management system. He directly managed and participated in the development and implementation of a nationwide WAN providing asynchronous connectivity between PCs at recruiting stations and the Navy Recruiting Command headquarters in Washington DC. He participated in the development and implementation of an E-MAIL system for the Navy submarine base at New London linking MS-DOS PCs to UNIX PCs. The network systems division developed the commercial wide area network product, PipeNetTM, which was in use by several codes at NRaD for several years providing E-MAIL services between NRaD, Washington DC, contractor sites, forces afloat, and other San Diego area Navy commands.


May 1983 - December 1984 SDC/ISSI

Business Operations Manager San Diego, California

As Business Operations Manager for System Development Corporation (SDC), now part of UNISYS, he headed a staff which supported all San Diego Division business functions including accounting, procurement, planning and budgeting, expense tracking and NOSC delivery order tracking. He personally developed a PC spreadsheet model for estimating and cost tracking for delivery order accounting and reporting. As a part of this project he introduced the use of microcomputer technology and the concept of distributed/decentralized data processing to SDC Services Group.

April 1981 - May 1983 SDC/ISSI

Senior Systems Analyst, Group Head San Diego, California

Mr. Lettington served as a Senior Computer Systems Analyst under various programs in NOSC Codes 7, 8, 9, and 11. As a Group head, he supervised and participated in the design and implementation of the NOSC Generalized Communications Backbone (GCB) which then consisted of broadband (SYTEK and Ungerman-Bass) as well as baseband (ethernet TCP/IP) segments. The project encompassed all phases of development from system concept formulation through ditch digging and cable laying to integration testing. Software projects associated with the GCB facilities included design and development of a UNIX based E-Mail system application written in C. He led a team which performed extensive analysis and produced a comprehensive requirements document dealing with the office automation needs of NOSC. This report was to serve as a base line document for systems to be placed in service over the next decade. Many of these systems are now in place. He supervised and participated in a project to produce requirements for and develop preliminary specifications for an automated software development environment called "Software Engineering Automation for Tactical Embedded Computer Systems" (SEATECS). He and one other programmer developed and implemented a system for a NOSC Code 11 field activity (NARDAC Pasadena) which applied microcomputers and database software (dBase II) to organize the holdings and references to a large library of technical documents made available to support contractors in the LA area. He managed a small group who implemented a system to provide automated access to security clearance data from the security offices as well as the visitors center.


April 1978 - March 1981 FCDSSA

Program Manager/Department Head San Diego, California

At Fleet Combat Direction System Support Activity, San Diego, Commander Lettington first served as program manager for facilities and business support systems. In this capacity he identified requirements for and designed a command wide MIS to be written in FOCUS for planning, budgeting and reporting associated with the Five Year Plan. As head of the Program Services and Production Support Department, he managed the commands computing resources. He had responsibility for the maintenance and support for all standard computing languages including CS-1, CMS-2Y and CMS-2Q. The department also developed and maintained the Navy's SHARE-7 time sharing program development environment. Mr. Lettington and his deputy department head personally introduced the SHARE-7 Microbench program which employed ZILOG Z-80, S-100 bus CP/M microcomputers as intelligent front ends to the system. They designed, specified, integrated, prototyped, and put into production the final configuration of board level components and peripherals. His department provided operations support services for the Program Generation Center (PGC) and the test and integration facilities of the center for the production of tactical computer software for both shipboard (NTDS) and airborne (ATDS) platforms. Specified and contracted for the production of an AN/UYK-7 hardware emulator, to be manufactured from AMD bit-slice microprocessor components, which was to be employed in the tactical software development environment at FCCDSA as an alternate host for the SHARE/7 system.

July 1970 - June 1972 BUPERS

Program Manager Washington, DC

At the US Navy Bureau of Naval Personnel Lieutenant Lettington served as Program Manager for Officer Data Subsystem of Manpower and Personnel Management Information System (MAPMIS). Lieutenant Lettington supervised a group of OS-360 assembly language and COBOL programmers who maintained this very large database on an IBM SYSTEM/360-65 computer system. They designed, developed and integrated new application programs as required, including special ad hoc queries and reports employing a custom database management system.


August 1956 - March 1981

US Naval Officer (Ensign, USN May 28, 1960 - Commander, USN (RET) March 31, 1981

Commander Lettington served in a progression of challenging assignments as a Surface Warfare Officer at sea during his 21 year active duty Naval career. When ashore he trained at various schools commands, attended Naval War College and National Defense University, and served as a proven sub-specialist in Computer Systems Management. In addition to Midshipman training in USS Wisconsin (BB-64) and USS Lexington (CVA-16), his at sea tours included; Engineering Department assignments in USS PHILIP (DDE-498), Operations Office in USS HOEL (DDG-13), commissioning Executive Officer of USS BARBEY (FF-1088) and Commanding Officer of USS BRADLEY (FF-1041). He served a tour of duty in Saigon during the early years of the Vietnam conflict from April 1965 to April 1966.


Tom Lettington, retired military office, found new interests to stay active and interested in life. These include (when not sitting at the Apple MacPRO computer surfing the world and furthering the life-long quest for knowledge):

Husband and companion to the bride everyone else in the world wishes they had.

Dad and consultant (but no longer financial provider – they never came back home to live) to four totally awesome adult children and they spouses.

Grandfather to the six most beautiful. precocious, and overall wonderful children on the planet.

Veterans of Foreign Wars Chapter 7766 , Member and Webmaster)

MOWW General J. P. Holland Chapter, Adjutant and Webmaster

Rancho Bernardo Veterans Memorial Association, Past President and Webmaster

Rancho Bernardo Community Council District A Member, member Government Relations and Public Safety Committees and Webmaster

San Diego County Bicycle Coalition, Former Board Member and Web Master

Rancho Bernardo Spirit of the Fourth, Director and Webmaster

Rancho Bernardo Hall Of Fame Inductee, 2012 (and Webmaster)

Rancho Bernardo Hats Off to Volunteers Honoree and Webmaster

Rancho Bernardo Dog Park Webmaster

Rancho Bernardo Community Park Webmaster

East Des Moines High School Class of 1956 Webmaster

Award Presenter for Quilts of Valor Foundation and San Diego Chapter Webmaster

USS HOEL (DDG-13) Wardroom Reunion Organizer and Webmaster

Amateur Radio, Licensed Amateur Extra Class Operator

Escondido Amateur Radio Society (EARS)

Palomar Amateur Radio Club (PARC)

Community Emergency Response Team, Battalion 7, Rancho Bernardo Team, Communications Coordinator and Member, San Diego CERT Communications Team

Last in order but first in priority -- Climate Reality Project Leadership Team, Certified Presenter

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