July 4th Celebration


America’s birthday, 4th of July, is a time for American’s to show their patriotic flare and celebrate the United States. The Spirit of Liberty Foundation and Southern California Patriot Guard Riders organized an event where nearly 200 motorcyclists and a variety of sports cars decorated themselves and their vehicles in red, white and blue. The group’s meeting point was at Mt. Soledad’s Veterans Memorial park and their ending point was in Oceanside, where they planned to host a gathering to eat patriotically decorated cakes. 

The event’s goal was to honor veterans as well as firefighters, public safety officials, and healthcare works. They also wanted to show their loyalty to their country. 

“I think we’re just trying to show the population that we are patriots and we want to celebrate the Fourth of July,”said Leo Zapata, 72, of Chula Vista told San Diego Union-Tribune. “We want people to understand it’s all about the Declaration of Independence and that’s what makes this country what it is.”

At Mt. Soledad Veterans Memorial, a bugle corps played “Echo Taps” and numerous visitors paused to remember the sacrifices it took to make America as we know it. 

Stewart Hedley of Clairmont, 98 years old, a member of the Pearl Harbor Survivors Association, was one of those visitors. Before heading off to the motorcycle rally, he says to The San Diego Union-Tribune, “What brings me out here is the patriotic day of the Declaration of Independence. I am grateful for this, to honor all of our veterans who laid down their lives that you and I can do what we’re doing today. Those are the heroes, not us.”

As the rally members rode along their designated path, people honked their horns in solitude, people took pictures, and waved at them, supporting their love for their country. 

If you wish to participate in more events at Mt. Soledad Veterans Memorial, you can check our event calendar here (https://soledadmemorial.org/events/).

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