Joseph J Parys

Joseph J Parys
Branch U.S. Navy
Rank Ship's Cook 3rd Class
Group Type
Group Name
Grid g10
Wall G
Direction West
Row 3
Plaque Number 15

Joseph John Parys

Service to Our Country

Joseph John Parys served in the United States Navy from December 1944 through 1945. Assigned to the Navy attack transport the USS Telfair, he participated in the invasion of the Ryuku Islands in the Philippines during World War II.

As Cook Third Class, Joseph’s duties included the safe handling and preparation of food as well as support of the ship’s artillery. On March 30th when the USS Telfair was attacked by Japanese kamikazes, he helped defend against the air attack loading 20-millimeter shells.

Shortly after the Pacific war ended on August 12, 1945, Joseph continued his service as a member of the first American forces to occupy Japan.

Joseph was born on September 7, 1909 and died on August 28, 2000. He was married to Ann T. Obal and together they raised eight children.

Thank you Joseph for your service to our country.

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