Paul J. Bronsing

Paul J. Bronsing
War Vietnam
Branch U.S. Air Force
Rank Sergeant
Group Type
Group Name
Wall BB
Direction East
Row 5
Plaque Number 1

After graduating from Mater Dei High School in 1964 I did not attend college. Therefore I was eligible

for the Draft. In early 1966 it was certain that I would be drafted. Looking for other options I enlisted in

the USAF and left for Lackland AFB April 13, 1966. After basic training my assignment took me to Minot,

ND where I spent my entire military career. Quite a shock for a California boy, very cold. I had asked for

data processing from the recruiter but was assigned to Supply. I was a supply point clerk on the flight

line for the AEMS Squadron (Armament and Electronics Maintenance Squadron). I issued electronics to

technicians working on the B 52’s systems. In 1968 the Squadron was looking for volunteers to cross

train to the Scheduling specialty. No volunteers. I was chosen and continued working with the same

group in the scheduling department. Once technicians determined parts needed for the piece of

electronics it was routed to scheduling. When parts arrived the electronics went back to technician to

complete the repair.

In 1968 a friend obtained his private pilot’s license and offered to take me flying. That flight gave me

the aviation bug. I started lessons very soon after my introduction to aviation. Receiving a private

pilot’s license made you eligible for VA benefits. I received my private pilot’s license May 24, 1969.

When discharged from active duty Feb 13, 1970 (Friday the 13th) I had completed training for

commercial, Instrument, and CFI certified flight instructor ratings. I remained in Minot for

approximately 4 years flight instructing. My next 6 years in aviation was spent crop dusting in the

summer and flying airmail during the winter months. Flying airfreight for 1 year 78 to 79. In 1979 I

began flying for a private owner, a corporate flying position. I remained in that position for 42 years and

retired December 31, 2021.

Thanks to the Veterans Administration’s benefits helping with my aviation training I was very fortunate

to have a long satisfying career in aviation and very grateful.

Paul Bronsing

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