Seabee Team 0512

Seabee Team 0512
Branch U. S. Navy
Group Type
Group Name
Wall GG
Direction East
Row 1
Plaque Number 4

Let all who view this honor and recognize Seabee Team 0512:

Don Evans, Officer In Charge

Jay Adkins Curt Bensen

Fred Coates Robert Cockrell

Ken Elliott Phil Erickson

Ken Hanggi Keith Mattson

Mike Renfro Larry Sassaman

Jim Tokar Terry Whitt

On May 11, 1967 while serving their country in Viet Nam, 13 men were chosen from the 5th Naval Construction Battalion to come together to train and work. Their individual and unique skills and talents led them to form a highly competent team that would serve in the remote jungles of southeast Thailand. Here they built roads, bridges, schools, offered medical services and built good will while striving to improve the quality of life for the local people. They trained together, worked together, lived together and formed a bond which has carried through the rest of their lives.

Plaque Wall Map

Plaque wall map