Steven Cain

Steven Cain
War Vietnam
Branch U.S. Army
Rank Private First Class
Group Type
Group Name
Wall BB
Direction West
Row 7
Plaque Number 24B

Welcome friends and family to Steve’s 19 year celebration of life. Some of you may have personal memories of my father, whether positive or negative, he impacted our lives. For those of you who didn’t get an opportunity to meet him. I want to take you back in time.

Silly, goofy, jokester, adrenaline junky, and a loving father would be a few words that would describe a 6 foot, 190 lb, Irish, German mutt, born to Bob and Jean Cain in Murray, KY.

He joined the Army on June 7th, 1970 at 19 years old, after being given one more chance to stay at home. He chose not to come home without a plan due to the consequences of his actions. He walked into the house and before my grandpa could utter a word. My dad said, “I’ve joined the army.” He was following in the footsteps of our family members who have bravely served this great country back to WWII. Before he knew it, he was deployed to Vietnam, where he served as an engineer for 2 years. He returned home after recovering from an accident. 41 years ago, my father met my wonderful mother at work. He told his friend, “I’m going to marry that woman” and he did.

Every good story starts with, so there we were, celebrating New Years in San Diego at one of the hotels. We were all sitting around the table enjoying the evening with laughter and silliness. Next thing we knew, my dad fell from his chair and started convulsing. It felt like 5 minutes of straight adrenaline rushing through all of us out of terror. We were about to call 911 when my father jumped up and started laughing at us, “got you!” Not a funny joke but we were thankful he was alive.

I hope to have captured your attention and created an image of my loving father who could capture an audience.

Please join me for a moment of silence and prayer as we pay tribute to all our heroes who are serving, have served or have fallen for this great nation.

Thank you for coming and paying tribute to my father, Steve Cain.

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