Glenn Eugene Luhnow

Glenn Eugene Luhnow
War Vietnam
Branch U.S. Army
Rank Private 1st Class
Group Type
Group Name
Wall H
Direction East
Row 5
Plaque Number 14

Glenn’s bio:

Glenn grew up in the small town of Ithaca, NE and moved to El Cajon when he was starting 5th grade. It was a big adjustment since Ithaca had only 105 people and El Cajon had over 10,000 at that time. Glenn was a kid who loved sports and if he could find some to play a game with, he was the first one to say sign me up. One of his favorite memories was going to Candlestick Park and watching the Giants including his favorite player, Willie Mays. He graduated from Grossmont High School in 1963 and that is the year he met Sandy, September 10, the day her nephew was born. Since it was the beginning of the school year, Sandy was out shopping for school supplies when they met. They spent a lot of their time together going to sporting events and watching Glenn and his friends play what ever sport was the current season game. He had not made any big plans about what he wanted out of life; he was still trying to figure all of that out. He had been attending Grossmont College but decided that was not where he was at in his life. He decided to go to work with his dad at National Steel and Ship Building. He wanted to get married and start living his life. They got married October 8, 1966, 56 years ago today. He was a happy outgoing guy who enjoyed being around people and living his life.

Glenn received his draft notice in March of 1966, and he was sent to Ft. Lewis, WA for his basic training and them down to Ft. Polk, LA for advanced infantry. While stationed LA Sandy become pregnant and Glenn was so excited at the idea of becoming a dad. He had made up his mind that he only wanted to serve his two years so he turned down schools and other options so he would not have to be away from his family for a longer time. When he was back in El Cajon for his 30 days leave, he got together with his friends to play sports and share that he was going to be a dad, the first one in his group of friends. At the end of the 30 days Glenn was sent to San Francisco to be transported to Vietnam. When he arrived, he was assigned to the 25th Infantry and was sent to Cu chi, the Hobo Woods. He was assigned to be the M60 machine gunner and was sent out on search and destroy missions. On his second mission they were attacked, and Glenn was killed long with 6 other soldiers in his company. He died as the result of massive brain damage and a perforated right axillary artery. He received the Bronze Star for providing cover for his men and his actions reduced the number of causalities.

His life was cut short, he is missed so; much but his name carries on through his daughter, Glennda Gene Luhnow and grandson, Glenn Jakob Luhnow. The world has moved on but it is a less bright without him and his smile and sense of humor. He will always be loved and never forgotten.

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