Ricardo Florez

Ricardo Florez
War Desert Shield/ Desert Storm
Branch U.S. Navy
Rank Aviation Mechanic First Class
Group Type
Group Name
Wall J
Direction West
Row 4
Plaque Number 8

Born 1948 in Bogotá, Colombia

Survived by wife and children

-Joined the Navy in 1977 and attended Recruit Training Command, Great Lakes, IL.

Arrived speaking very little English, and survived by watching the person next to him for cues on what he was supposed to be doing during all the yelling.

Duty stations

-Bremerton, WA. (1978-1979)

-Alameda, CA. (1979-1980)

-NAS Miramar, San Diego, CA.(1980-1997)

Where he eventually became an instructor for the F-14 hydraulic system and stationed there during the filming of Top Gun. He called it, "a bunch of Hollywood people getting in the way of work."

Deployed aboard several aircraft carriers

USS Coral Sea

USS Carl Vinson

USS Ranger (Ranger's last deployment before decommissioning)

In support of several military operations worldwide: Liberation of Kuwait, Operation Desert Storm and Desert Shield, Somalia, Persia Gulf War.

Favorite quote and beginning to every story: "I was minding my own business when...."

Loved to read Stephen King novels and anything from Gabriel Garcia Marquez, staying up late, watching action movies with Charles Bronson and Clint Eastwood.

Also was a dog-lover and member of the Fiesta Island Dog Owners (FIDO) club, but also said that there was no such thing as a dog under 40 lbs, so his favorites were Rottweilers.

After retiring from the Navy, he spent his last 23 years dedicated to his family, friends, and Florez Family Childcare.

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